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May 15, 2015
by Scotty

My New Poll

Last Friday, I created a poll to find what is your favorite dessert. I tried to think of lots of popular desserts. Next Friday, I will find the most popular one on the poll and post another poll of what types of it they like. Example: If muffins win, I will but the popular kinds like chocolate chip, pumpkin, and many others. Thank you for voting!!!

May 8, 2015
by Scotty
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12 Facts About Me

12 Facts about me

1: I love Soccer and I play on a competitive team called the Mustangs.
2: I’m 12 years old and in 6th grade
3: I have a leopard gecko, yellow Lab, brother, two parents and a fish.
4: My friends are Jack, Shane, Ben, Jaiden, Jasper, Jake, Erik, Toby, Caden P., Caden M., and Ethan.
5: I love camping
6: My favorite sports are Soccer, Baseball, and fishing.
7: I always wear shorts and a t-shirt unless if it is snowing or below 32°F
8: I love to type fictional stories on my iPad and I don’t like to write on paper.
9: My favorite color is Blue
10: My favorite soccer team is Chelsea and my favorite player is Hazard.
11: I am usually don’t have my stuff organized
12: On my free time, I play soccer, video games, or go to the beach.

May 1, 2015
by Scotty

The Turtle Apocalypse II

imageThe Turtle Apocalypse II
I wake up to a blinding light above me. “Am I dead?,” I think. I get up and look around the room. I instantly fell pain in my leg. I look at my bandaged leg. I hear a slight knock on one of the doors. An armed man comes in the room. “Who are you,” I demand. The man says, “General Joe Wilson, I’ll be your guide through the war.” “What war.” I question. The General looks around like he’s keeping a big secret. “Well those turtles… They got crazy from the earthquake in San Francisco. This earthquake was a different kind; the primary waves in the earthquake messed up there brains, killing every species of animals except for there own kind.” The anger in me builds up as the hope of me surviving shatters. “So what can we do?,” I ask. “Well we need everyone in war. And__.” He’s cut off by an loud alarm. “What’s Wrong!,” I yell at the General. Without a word, he takes off out the door. Suddenly, the door locks and the television turns on. I listen very closely, “We have more breaking news about the world. Another earthquake hit in London, England. This time not turtles, but crabs taking over the mainland. Everyone’s in danger!!! The best thing to do is head for high ground.” The screen then goes back to normal. What am I going to do? Now my cousin Pear is in danger, will he survive? The ground starts shaking again and the power suddenly goes out. The doors fly open and I start to run down the hall. I find the room that the General is in and decided to go talk to him. “What’s going on!” One of the generals bodyguards comes toward me. He demand,”Get back Into your room.” “Why, what’s happening.” “None of your business,” he replies. “Fine.” I know I have to get out of here. I look past all of the doors until I find a door labeled South Staircase. I open the door and run up the stairs. I was on the 14th level. I travel up to the 4th level. I feel a door shaking back and forth like something is trying to break in. I look out the window and find more turtles trying to break in. I scream and run as fast as I possibly can. I hear the door slam open but I don’t look down. The sound of mettle teeth clenching together and it starts hurting my ears. I find the door to the helipad and try and open it. I notice that it’s locked. I panic and try and think of what to do. I either can try and break the door or be eaten by the turtles. I make up my mind and make a giant, flying, side-kick into the giant mettle door. I hit the ground, possibly fracturing my leg. I get up, noticing that the I broke the lock off the door and I open it. The door lead to the helipad and I find an army helicopter ready to take off. “Wait!!!,” I yell trying to flag down the helicopter. It doesn’t stop. I look at who’s in the helicopter. I look and see a giant, killer turtle, who stands on two feet. I instantly reminds me of the show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I find a mettle stick on the ground and pick it up. I’m going to force the turtle to get out. “Hey!!!,” I yell at the creature. The creature gets out of the helicopter looking scarier than ever. My anger comes back and I charge at the creature. I hit the creature over and over again until he falls on the ground. A sharp pain hits my foot as a baby turtle bites my foot. “Ouch,” I say looking behind me. All of the turtles back trying to jumping on me. I run and luckily get to the chopper. I look around at all of the buttons. I remember my dad old helicopter and how he told me how to fly it. I press some buttons and I take off. I rip off the baby turtle stuck on my foot and throw him out onto the facility. I get out my phone, still in my pocket, and track down my friend Pear in London. I decide to video chat him, hoping that he will answer. He does. “Hey are you still alive!!!” “Shhh, I need help…” I ask “What do you mean?” In a quit voice he says, “The crabs took me to a sewer with other people and I need help. Track sown my phone and come quick!!!” Without further explanation, I fly towards London, England, to help my friend.

April 24, 2015
by Scotty

The Turtle Apocalypse

imageThe Apocalypse
On May 21, 2065, I woke up and slowly traveled downstairs to watch some television while I play on my Silver iPad 50. But suddenly, the floor starts shaking. Books are flying of my shelf and the chandelier shattered on the ground. “Earthquake!,” I yell. My mom, dad, and little brother Tobbe sprint down the stairs to meet me at the bottom. My mom brings up a great idea, “Hurry, go outside!” We run to the front door but are stopped by a banging noise. “What’s outside,” I ask. My brother adds, “Let me see.” I take a second to look at my bloody feet with cut with the broken glass. “Tobbe wait,” Dad yells, running, trying to make him step away from the door. My brother unlocks the door and it slimageams open. My brother slams straight into the wall. “Jamal run!,” Mom screams. Thousands of little turtles scramble into my house with sharp, mettle teeth. Tobbe gets up and starts running. The turtles focus on Tobbe and take him down. Without a word, I take off upstairs looking for a weapon. I spot a giant television that mom wants to sell. I grab it, and chuck it at the turtles. But wait, it didn’t affect them at all; they ripped it up. The turtles chase me up the stairs and I find myself stranded in my toy closet. I slam the door shut and lock it. I take a second to look around. I find a ladder in the corner and I make a decision to go into the attic. I get the ladder and get into the attic. Suddenly the turtles eat through the door and I climb through the compact space in the attic. After climbing for a while, I approach a window. The window let to the roof where I could escape. I grab a wooden bat inside the attic and break the window. Behind me, I hear a pack of turtles charging at me. On the roof, I’m blinded by the bright sun. I begin to look around as my eyes adjust. I’m about to but but I see more turtles on the ground. There was no way out. The turtles come and sink their teeth into my legs, soon taking me down.
The End

April 23, 2015
by Scotty

My Blogging Goal

My goal for my blog is to get 1,500 visitors by the end of the school year (June 12, 2015). To do this, I must comment on other blogs and ask them to check out my blog. I always leave my blogs URL or else they can’t see my blog. Right now, I have around 475 visitors on my blog. I know it’s going to be a hard challenge but I think I can do it. Anyone can help by adding me to there blog roll, telling your friends and classmates about my blog and asking them to check it out, ect… Please help me!!! Thanks, Scotty http://j4ah15.edublogs.org image

April 21, 2015
by Scotty

Weekly Weather in Cardiff by the Sea

This week in Cardiff by the sea, we will see partly cloudy sky’s and the average temperature around 64°F until Thursday. On Thursday, there is a 30% chance of rain with 11MP winds coming from the southwest. Also on Friday, there is most likely to have showers in the morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. The High temperature is around 63F and a 40% chance of rain. On Sunday, the rain and clouds will be cleared for a perfect day at the beach. Finally next week, sunny sky’s in mostly 70°F. That’s it for this weeks weather in Cardiff!!!image

Please comment another city that I could report on.

April 15, 2015
by Scotty

Joshua Tree: Day 2

Joshua Tree: Day 2
April 9, 2015

Joshua Tree: Day 2
Autobiography by Scotty Bostick

Day 2: I wake at 6:30 AM up to sound of the refreshing breeze outside my tent. I get up quietly trying to wake up my dad and my friends tent nearby. My feet sink down into the cold sand as I walk to our table with lamps, food, and other things. I gather up paper towels, a lighter, and firewood to start a fire. I burn the paper towels, waiting for the fire to catch on the firewood. 5 minutes later, the fire finally catches the wood and my friends and our dads come out to make breakfast. We ate homemade and delicious French toast with rainbow hot chocolate. After breakfast, we meet up with our other friends that came and climbed the giant boulders.
At 10:00, we walk down to rock climbing with lots of other people. We meet up with our instructor who tells us where to go and the safety rules. We found our rock and got into groups. In my group, It was 2 of my friends and I. We started off with the hardest route to climb. I put on the rock climbing shoes and helmet and headed to the rock. At first I had no idea what where to go, then one of the instructors told me where to go. I headed up the side and scraped my legs a lot. After I got up the first part, it got easier and easier. At the top, I saw two desert lizards called Chuckwallas. They were out laying on the rocks until I came by them. Finally, I made it to the top. I leaned back and slowly came down.
After 2 other easy climbs, I came across another one, that was said to be the hardest. I looked for a place to go and headed up. I came to a very steep rock witch I had to find a way up. I looked at found a way up but I had to craw. I crawled through the tight space and barley made it to the top. I came down happy that I have completed the hole rock climbing course. I head back to camp to have a peanut and jelly sandwich.
After Lunch we go on a hike to the middle of nowhere. We head back forgetting where our trail was. It was another of my friends and our dads. We climbed many rocks then we found something that we’ll never forget. We jumped off a rock hearing a strange rattling noise. “Rattlesnake!,” I yell to everyone. We run away as fast as we can. We stop, look back, but we can’t see the snake from where we are. 5 minutes later, we find our car and meet the rest of our group and talk about our story on the way back to camp.
At the campsite, we decide to go out to dinner at a nearby pizza place called “Pie For the People.” Everyone enjoys the giant slices of pizza. I get 2 slices of cheese pizza and everyone else gets pepperoni pizza. When we are finished, we head out to get ice cream at a nearby market. I get an Oreo ice cream sandwich. Finally we travel back to camp to enjoy a fire with my friends and go to sleep, waiting for the next and last day to come.
End of Day 2:

April 2, 2015
by Scotty

The Drought

The Drought image
By Scotty Bostick

7 months straight of no rain or snow. Food is scarce and markets are closing. 3/4ths of the Texas population has died and about 1,500 people are left alive. 12 year old John and his family are very poor and have to live in a certain way. His father hunts, his mother goes to gather water at a secret stream that’s almost dried up; all that’s left is a few small ponds the size of a fishbowl. His little 6 year old brother was taught to sew leaves together making bed sheets. John goes with his friend Iain every day and searches for food. There has been no signs of hope and they must find a way to survive.
“Come on John, wake up its 4:30”, screams Johns mother. John slowly gets out of bed, “I’m Coming.” He gets out of the small tent, felling the cold breeze sink into his shoulders. Walking over to Iains tent, he notices his swollen, burnt, and bloody feet sink into the sand of the un named dessert that used to be a forest 5 years ago before the deadly drought hit the center of North America. John opens up Iains tent cover, “Get up, it’s time to go.” Iain complains “What time is it.” “It’s 4:45, you slept in.” Iain slowly creeps out of bed and gets his shoes on. They start walking to their fathers that are preparing their handmade bows and arrows and knives. Iains father sadly comes over to Iain and I, “I’m so sorry about the drought and we can’t stay where we are.”
“What, we can’t leave, it’s to dangerous!,” Iain yells at our fathers. “Sorry but we have to split up and hope for survival.” “Bud dad,” I add to the conversation. “It’s for your own good, we have a better chance of surviving,” Dad says. Iains Dad says “We packed 2 backpacks full of the available supplies for you including, bows and arrows, a knife, a blanket, tarp, water bottles, tinder for fire, and a 2 squirrels that we kept. Iain and I cried and hugged our fathers and said our goodbyes. “And one last thing, your little brother is going with you John,” My father says. We walk over into his tent and called him, “Let’s go, one hour till sunrise.” In his sad voice he repies, “I don’t want to.” “You have to Tobby it’s not your choice” Iain adds on. “No I’m not going.” He’s getting Iain mad, “Yes you are.” “No I’m not.” Iain now starts to yell at him, “Do you want me to drag you!,” “Fine I’ll go,” he finally says. Tobby grabs his things and puts them in his backpack. We head out and find that our parents have already left. “They left us,” Tobby cries. “Let’s head west towards California, their isn’t a drought there.” “That’s our best option,” Iain adds on. We start walking through piles of dead bushes and trees laying on the sands, watching the morning sun rise up from the horizon.
At noon, we stop for a break. No luck, no water, no trees, nothing out here. We take only a sip of water from our water bottles because we know that we will need it. “Where are we,” Tobby asks laying on the sand in the shade under a rock. “No one knows,” I say. “Guys, we’re waisting our time here, he have to move on,” Iain says with his dry voice. “Let’s go,” I say getting up into the sunlight. I look at the sun, telling the time and direction. I point and say, “That’s West and it’s around 1:30 pm.” Tobby and Iain get up very dehydrated and tired. Their was a long journey ahead.
3 days later we used up our food and water and still no civilization. We walk on top on boulders the size of skyscrapers. We stumble down a rock and notice some Palm trees 300 meters away from us. “What’s that,” Iain looked using his blurry eyes. “Water!,” Tobby said like never before. A desert oasis surrounded by Palm trees and filled with animals of all sorts. Everyone looked happier than ever, totally forgot how sick and tired we are. I suddenly hear a rattling sound. I stop and look around for what was making that noise. I spot something on the corner of my eye. “Toby wait!,” I yell but it’s too late. The rattlesnake struck Toby right in the leg. He tried to stop but couldn’t. He spun round and round, rolling down a steep hill. Iain and I were paralyzed for a second. We both screamed “Toby!.” The hill followed down to a trench filled with sharp rocks. We scramble down the rock as fast as we can and see something horrifying that we will never forget. Toby laying on the ground, dead. We were shaking, not saying a word. The blood surrounded the ground around him. I had tears coming from my eyes. We carefully took picked up his body, brought him to the oasis and buried him under the rich and fertile soil. There we drank the oasis water, ate some cooked rabbits we caught, and filled up our water bottles again.
We woke the next morning by the beautiful sound of humming birds and stayed one last goodbye to the oasis with my dead little brother. We walked 15 minutes and then found a miracle. “A trail!,” We both said excitingly. We ran down the trail surrounded by different plants and animals. The trail lead to a road with many cars. We dropped of our backpacks and headed for freedom. From the hot and dry Texas to a wonderland in California. This was a miracle that they would never forget.

The End

April 1, 2015
by Scotty

Leona The Leopard Gecko

Leona The Leopard Gecko
I have a leopard gecko named Leona. She is about 8 inches long and is nocturnal. Leopard Geckos are dessert animals and live in the heat. Her cage during the day is always around 85-90°F and at night the cage is around 75-80°F. At night, I feed her crickets and mealworms, and sometimes Wax worms. In her 20 gallon cage, there is a rock shaped cave, a platform above the cave that she lays on at night like a hammock, a bowl for calcium and vitamins, cactus and other decorations, a log to sit under and lay on top of, mealworm bowl, water bowl, and 2 thermostats to find the temperature. Leona

March 24, 2015
by Scotty

Student Blogging Challage Week 4: Joshua Tree: Day 1

My Campsite

My Campsite

Scotty Bostick
March 2015

Joshua Tree: Day 1
AutoBiography by Scotty Bostick

The Morning:
I woke up exited as I planned out what the day ahead of me looked like. I ran down stairs with my iPad as usual and went to go get a bowl of cereal and watch a little TV. After waiting for 15 minutes, my parents came down. My Dad makes coffee while my mom makes me eggs. “Dad when are we going to leave for camping,” I ask in a normal voice. Then he replied, “When is it a good time to pick you up from school today.” I thought about my day at school and I knew what the Friday schedule was even though it was conference week that makes the day shorter. From 8:10-9:30 I have Language Arts and Social Studies with Mr. Jewell, then from 9:30-10:15 I have Math and Science with Ms. Brice, and lastly, I had a lap running program to raise money for the school (Jog-I-Ton) from 10:30-11:50 when we get out of school.
I thought and said to my dad,”Well I can skip the Jog-I-Ton and pick me up at 10:30.” My Dad agreed and told me to put what I wanted to bring in a bag. I really didn’t put anything in my bad except for a lighter and lots of napkins and paper towels to burn. I brought this because I wake up early in the mornings before everyone else and I go outside my tent and it’s cold. At 7:45, I go over to my neighbors house because they take my little brother and I to school.
At 10:30 AM, I head up to the school office and wait for my dad for 5 minutes while the rest of my class starts running the Jog-A-Ton. He comes with his white desert shirt on and picks me up in his silver Jeep that smells like coffee. We take the 2 minute ride home talking about the trip. I learn that we are picking up two of my friends that are 10 and 11 years old. When we leave my house, takes about 10 minutes to reach my friends house in a private community. When we reach their house, we instantly here the sound of a dozen animals. I went in and saw saltwater and freshwater fish, dogs, birds, a pig, turtles, crabs, crayfish and more. After they pack up, we head out to Joshua Tree.
On the way there, my dad and I stop at a local gas station. There I get a Hershey’s milkshake and a Hersey’s cookies and cream bar. Unluckily, the delicious candy only last 5 minutes. After 2 long hours of talking and eating cheeto puffs, we notice that we were very close. I was so excited to get there until my friends wanted to go to a dinosaur attraction park. I got really mad and sad at the same time and felt like I was going to scream. We went in and saw moving, giant, and small dinosaurs. After 20 minutes, we leave the dinosaur park and start driving again.
We get to our campsite 30 minutes later to our awesome campsite with boulders, reptiles, and spiny plants. I loved to climb rocks so I did and wasn’t go at it. In our camping group, there were two people that were and still are great rock climbers. They thought me how to get up a rock easier than I thought. The sun set at around 7:00 PM and we all sat by a fire. I was really tired from the ride up and at 9:00 PM I went to bed in my tent, awaiting for the next day.

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